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After the incident by the lake, for example, the nuns show Claudette a slide show featuring images of wolf-girls who were not able to adapt to human society and now live life as outcasts in both worlds, just like Mirabella.

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But the truth is that by Stage 3 I wanted her gone. By the end, the only person who is high enough in status to interact with Mirabella without risking their position is Jeannette, so the minute the pack has a chance to turn on their youngest sister, they do. Though the program at St.

Lucy pack, however, this does not seem to be exactly the case. Towards the end of her rehabilitation, Claudette is allowed to visit her family back in the woods. This sentiment is reflected in the first words she says to her family as she enters the cave.

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I suggest that to further develop your argument, you might spend some time examining how and why Mirabella does NOT conform and the effects of this. Hey Marj, I thought this was a very thoughtful first draft and I see a ton of potential. I agree with quinn that I think it would be effective to delve into the character of Mirabella further, but I also think it would be helpful to talk about the institutions and individual characters policing this conformity to fully round the essay out. Great job overall. What I liked: I really liked your voice in the essay.

St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves--Part 2 (A)

A series of upbeat, sentimental fables, the 10 stories of Russell's debut are set in an enchanted version of North America and narrated by articulate, emotionally precocious children from dysfunctional households. Each merges the satirical spirit of George Saunders with the sophisticated whimsy of recent animated Hollywood film.

In "Ava Wrestles the Alligator," a motherless girl, "staying in Grandpa Sawtooth's old house until our father, Chief Bigtree, gets back from the Mainland," struggles to understand her big sister's blooming sexuality, which seems to grow scaly and incarnate. Timothy Sparrow and Waldo Swallow Heartland, the two brothers of "Haunting Olivia," search for their sister's ghost near Gannon's Boat Graveyard using a pair of magic swimming goggles.

In the title story, the human daughters of werewolves are socialized into polite society. Russell has powers of description and mimicry reminiscent of Jonathan Safron Foer "My father, the Minotaur, is more obdurate than any man," begins "Children's Reminiscences of the Westward Migration" , and her macabre fantasies structurally evoke great Southern writers like Flannery O'Connor.

If, at 24, Russell hasn't quite found a theme beyond growing up is hard to do especially if you're a wolf girl , her assorted siblings are rendered with winning flair as they gambol, perilously and charmingly, toward adulthood. View Full Version of PW.

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