My Hearts in the Lowlands: Ten Days in Bonny Scotland

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Description "Let's go, shall we? Just the two of us? You'll join me, aye? Without crossing the pond, changing time zones, or driving on the left side of the road, you'll explore quaint villages and crumbling castles, old bookshops and charming tearooms in the delightful company of a guide whose love for this quiet nook of Scotland illuminates every page.

The verdant hills and glens of the Lowlands are awash in history, rich with culture, and peopled with engaging characters. The setting for Higgs's acclaimed series of historical novels, Dumfries and Galloway also serves as her home away from home. Her decade-long love affair with this unique area of the world, combined with her award-winning storytelling skills, makes her the ideal armchair travel companion.

Warm, personal, and deeply evocative, My Heart's in the Lowlands transports you to an unforgettable corner of Scotland that will lay claim to your heart forever.

Oh yes, pyramids, the real ones. Crawl through dark tunnels with Napoleon and Ethan Gage, going nowhere or finding empty "tomb" areas inside the largest pyramid. Sometimes our hero wears this medallion hidden under his shirt, refusing to let anyone look at it; sometimes he leaves it with strangers, trusting them because Did I mention that Ethan Gage is an American? Yes, any number of people wonder why he's there with the French army and navy , consorting with both Bonaparte, the little Corsican, and Admiral Nelson of England.

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I guess you'll just have to read the book to find out what happened. The comments on my earlier post " How many of these books have YOU read? I have only read 20 or thereabouts.

Journey to the Heart of Scotland

There are a lot of others that are on my tbr pile Stephanie said I've read even less on this one. Bonnie Jacobs said I've read all of these books I listed Bookfool said I've only read about 10 of those - even worse than the other list Margreet said I count 23 I've read from your list!

Hmmm, I'm pleased with myself now.. Marylyn said I counted 35 that I have read and quite a few that I must get and put in my pile I can tell you why this list messed up your stats, folks. I read more nonfiction than most of you do. Marylyn and Margreet and Kailana, do you read much nonfiction? You have read more of these books than Stephanie and Bookfool.

Do you two read mostly fiction? Take a look at my sidebar where I have two lists: What I'm reading now and Books recently completed. Notice how many are fiction and how many are nonfiction.

Why don't more of us like to read nonfiction? Maybe I need to take a survey: 1. When did you last read a nonfiction book? What book was it?

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Why did you read it? How would you rate it, and why? What was the best part of it? What was the worst thing about reading it? Do you have any nonfiction at your bedside? Why or why not? Are there nonfiction books on your TBR list? Okay, friends, have a go at my little survey, and let's think about our reading lists. See my comment for March 22, on the next page. Tuesday, March 13, Bonnie's Quiz.

Many of us book buddies have been sending around a list of questions to "learn" about each other. I've lost track of who I got the list from, and sent it to, because we've overlapped so many times. For me, the actual writing process itself is the reward. The intense research, the time spent on character development, the crafting of the story, the fine-tuning of each scene—those are the elements that make my heart sing.

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Holding a finished book in our hands is wonderful, and receiving letters from readers can be very encouraging. One of the joys along the way is having the Lord teach us an important truth when we least expect it. I plot extensively before I start writing and follow that plan quite closely at first, but invariably the characters start living and breathing and going about their own, messy lives and I have to start following them instead of my plot. The real work of writing is, of course, rewriting.

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White, and Stein on Writing by Sol Stein. But most of those deleted words never see the light of day. I edited those words for the sake of the book, yet hung on to them for my sake. Narrow down. Since I write historical novels, I often reach for stories written and published in my time period.

Waverley, Volume 1 by Sir Walter SCOTT read by Various Part 1/2 - Full Audio Book

What did folk think about, worry about?